Message from our founder, Sarah Chung Park:

I have launched over 200 BIPOC, female founded and LGBTQ+ brands in retail. Through Landing we’ve launched five technology products that help diverse brands succeed in retail and better serve diverse customers. I’ve realized that my being an outsider and seeing what people don’t see is my superpower.

This conference is about the outsiders. Whether it is because of the color of your skin, your age, your gender, your sexual identity, your abilities - if you have felt on the outside looking in, this is your place. If you have not seen yourself in the popular standards of beauty, this is the place for you. This is the place where all our individual voices come together to make sure everyone is seen and heard in what we consider to be beautiful.

When enough outsiders band together, we are no longer on the outside. We become the majority and have the power to drive change.

Day One:
Retail Bootcamp

March 27th, 2024

Day Two:
Voices of Beauty Summit

March 28th, 2024

“Sarah has set the bar for what an industry event should feel like. 1) Diverse 2) Panelists willing to be honest and vulnerable 3) A warm, welcoming community atmosphere.”

Christal Alert

Founder of TONAL Cosmetics

“I’m still in awe of what I experienced and had the honor of participating in last week at the inaugural Voices of Beauty Summit hosted by Landing International. Diversity, equity, and inclusion exists across industries, and incorporating mental health is not only a nice to have, it’s essential. Thank you for having me close out Day 1 (I likely held the same microphone as @johnlegend 🙌🏽).”

Dr. Christine Coleman

Licensed Therapist, Speaker & Coach

“We had the best time at the Voices of Beauty Summit, the beauty industry’s first two-day summit dedicated to creating change through diversity and inclusivity. ⁠ ⁠It was incredible to hear our Founder, Ciara, talk about her own skin care journey with Jessica Cruel , Editor in Chief at Allure, and why inclusivity in the Beauty industry is important.

OAM Skin

“Genuine speakers sharing real stories. Sometimes the most authentic connections are in the crowd. At the end of the day the founder is by far the best person to share their own story.”

Pele Bennett

Founder of inthe.Vā

“The beauty industry truly needs more #muslimrepresentation especially among #beautyfounders and I am so glad to help pave that way. My deepest thanks to Sarah and  Landing International for creating this beautiful Voices of Beauty Summit event!”

Minara Elrahman

Founder of Mora Cosmetics

“Usually these types of events might have 1-2 "diversity- specific" panels; but this was a total game changer. Every single panel, keynote, and fireside chat was focused on championing diversity, promoting BIPOC & women-owned businesses, and showcasing the passionate women in the beauty industry doing the real work.”

Elle Potruch

Talent Manager at Whalar, Deaf & Disabled Creators & Performers

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Joining the Voices of Beauty community means being part of a diverse and inclusive conversation about what beauty means to us all. It's about coming together, sharing our stories, and celebrating our differences. By keeping connected, we ensure that everyone's voice is heard and that we learn from each other's experiences. Let's continue to embrace diversity, spark meaningful conversations, and create a space where everyone feels welcome and valued.


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